Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blast From the Past

Who says that in the past craftmanship was always top notch?!?! While getting the windows ready for the past two weekends (hence no woodworking....), I had to take off the existing trim.
On one of the windows the trim wasn't quite flush to the plaster wall. To make up for this, rather than fix the plaster a former worker (or homeowner) decided the best thing to do would be to shim it up with some balled up newspaper. Classy!!! However, it turned out to be something of a time machine....

I kind of thought that perhaps the windows weren't original, and now this sort of answers that question. No way anyone else could have removed this trim before without disturbing the old 'stuffing'. I hope I won't be this lazy on the install!

Old 'Shims'

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