Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Sometimes a blog about a certain topic can't ALWAYS be on point. Occasionally, one has to go outside the box and discuss other pleasures in life. Added to that, every woodworker needs some level of sustenance to give them fuel for those tough sessions hand planing or chiseling. That's why it was with huge anticipation that I awaited the arrival of, essentially, the greatest food source in the entire world (bar homentashen, but that's another story). Today I received a package of that nectar of the gods. You see, the NW US has almost everything one could possibly desire and is superior to all other parts of the country, yet it does lack a bit in the treats department. Below is the pictoral tale of this gift from above...

The package arrives, so heavy and yet so light at the same time - how do they do that?!?!

Gently opening the package, somehow refraining from ripping it open (wouldn't want to damage the contents...)


OMG!!!! Food of the Godz!!!!

The wait is over - Chocolate junior time BABY!!!!

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  1. Mike, that is so funny!!! I'm in need of some of that nectar now. Forgot to order but will definitely seek out in Atlanta.