Sunday, February 28, 2010

Making a Coop

There was no woodworking going on this weekend as it was all about building the chicken coop. I started on Saturday morning at 8 a.m. and setup a temporary outdoor bench and started cutting the wood for frames. First just a base, and then the side and end walls. Everything went together with pocket hole joinery which is a quick way to go. But quick is a relative term as it took a couple of hours to get all of the wood cut and into their respective frames.

My neighbor came over and helped me put up the 'walls' and get them screwed together. We then put up the 'joists', although I use that term loosely for what we actually put together. But it worked... 2 sheets of 4x8 1/2" CDX served as the sheeting (sp?) for the roof. We then went in and primed everything since I only used pressure treated for the base.

The last part of the day was putting up the shingles. Even though it's only a chicken coop, it really bugged me that I only had one pack of shingles from Home Depot, so when I ran out to get more from Parr Lumber I just go whatever they had, which turned out to be a different color, which looks very goofy. However, I don't think the chickens will mind.

Today (Sunday) was spent at my neighbors helping them with their chicken coop. We were basically able to get to the same stage with theirs, but their design is different and they want a galvanized roof which has yet to be purchased. I came home and put up the side 'walls' which are old window sashes. I then drew out what would finalize the hen house and can hopefully get that done next weekend, weather permitting. I'd like to be done just to have it over with and so that I can back to some actual woodworking.

Frames being built...

All the frames together

Getting the shingles on (notice that my helper who was supposed to be holding the ladder decided it was a better idea to take pictures. Luckily I didn't fall to my death.)

2 of the walls up.