Sunday, March 21, 2010

Coop Complete

Well, it is with some sigh of relief that I can say that the chicken coop is done. It's ready for the ladies to move on in, and the sooner they're out of the workshop and making their chicken mess, the better! It turned out OK - and if it didn't, no sweat - this hopefully isn't a testament to woodworking but rather a good enough for government, or good enough for chicken feathers kind of job. I think they'll like it in there. It doesn't have central heat and A/C, but heck, we don't either!

The color here (for all of the design blog type folks ) is 'rocket red'. I actually asked the guy at Fred Meyer what color was closest to a barn red, and he replied that he is color blind. I think I am too. Oh well. It works.
The side of the coop are 2 used windows we took out of our upstairs bedroom. Is this recycling or upcycling? Hmmm? Who cares, they're out of the basement. You can see the string that opens and closes the coop door so that we theoretically don't have to go in there each morning and night, although I'm sure that we'll have to enter often to give them food & water & bugs.
The door with the ultra high security anti-racoon latch.

A bird's eye view from inside. You're now a chicken!!!


  1. It's ironic that you were a Coop at Tech!

  2. Looks awesome Mike...sorry for the late reply! Is that where Tess will sleep next time we're in PDX?

  3. Those chickens must be as big as an Emu by now. What's the story?