Monday, May 25, 2009

Lemons to Lemonade?

I was finally ready to take the next step with the hall table - I needed to make the mortises for the legs that would go down at around a 7 or 12 degree angle. I had done this before, so I didn't have any trepidation about it. Perhaps I should have. I neglected to turn the jig I was working with 180 degrees - instead I just moved it up. This would not have mattered if the bit in my router was perfectly centered (like, on a round base router), but on my Dewalt it's offset, so this caused the mortises to be offset as well. DOH!!! To add insult to injury the bit lacked the length to make it all the way through. I used a drill and chisels to work the rest of the way through, but with the amount of blowout I was getting on the backside, it looked as if it was attacked by a small beaver.

Router Setup - What would I do without carpet tape?

I had wanted to simply turn everything into firewood and cough it up to a learning experience, but I figured I would make the tenons offset to try to align the legs. That means I'll have to do some serious measuring and marking out with the legs to make sure I don't continue my losing streak.

Mortises - If only they were on the same line

I decided to use some cherry I had for the legs - I thought this was only 1" but it turned out to be 8/4, but of course had to go down to 6/4 as it was pretty warped after going through the planer. Here's hoping I'll mark them out right...

Legs - Freshly planed Oregon Cherry

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