Saturday, May 9, 2009

Table Legs

Progress achieved on the cherry table today. Planed down the 8/4 stock to 1-3/4" & cut into square legs. Cross cut to length and then spent some quality time marking for the mortises. Did the mortises on the router table. Man, does cherry like to burn. The smell - burnt popcorn. Not pleasing to the senses. Next up was tapering for that traditional shaker look . Nothing against shaker, I'm just not a big fan of it. Spent 15 min trying to put together a tapering jig a-la Norm (the one with the hinge on the end). Just didn't seem very accurate or efficient. Wound up throwing something much simpler together after consulting the series of pipes known as the Interweb. Simple, yet highly effective, and hopefully a bit safer than the first contraption.
Next up for this thing - squaring up the mortises, cutting the aprons, making the tenons, and edge gluing the top. Should be pretty smooth sailing her on out.
Tapering Jing - simple yet effective

4 tapered legs
Burn cherry burn! (You smell so good!)

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