Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lucky Number 7

Finally! Some luck with my jointer plane. To date, I have not had blazing success with my jointer plane, or with any of my planes for that matter (save the Lie Nielsen shoulder plane, but of course that worked pretty much right out of the box).

With the #7 Stanley jointer, I haven't done much to it besides taking some fo the rust off and making sure the blade was sharpened. However, I attempted to use it a couple of weeks ago with little luck.

Tonight I was trying to prepare the surface of the hall table. At the very least the machine marks from the rough cut needed to come off. I started out with the ROS @ 80 grit, but the going was slow, and of course very noisy. I thought - 'well, might as well try out a plane, I can't hurt anything' so I proceeded to try to use my #4, but it just wasn't working (as usual). I switched to the #7 and was having luck. It was quite the workout, and my benchtop build later this year will definitely be around 30" and not 36" as it is currently.

Back to the task at hand though - following the jointer action I even got in a little constructive card scraper action, and took out what few rough spots the jointer left with the ROS.

Overall a decent night in the shop.

#7 to the rescue!!!

Ahhh, if only I had a real workbenc h!!!

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