Wednesday, June 16, 2010

HTH Day 2

Day 2 started up finishing up activities from day 1. We then proceeded to make winding sticks for the majority of the day. I've always wanted my own set of winding sticks, but have just never gotten around to making them of course. What a perfect opportunity - I guess I could have refused, but that would have been fairly idiotic.

We used planing skills the entire day. My arm was definitely tired. But jeeze, I've done more planing in the past 2 days then I've done in my entire life so far, so that's something. It helps that we've tuned them a bit (blade sharpening mostly). Was quite fun and relaxing.

Last night after finishing up some work (work-work, ugh) I headed over to this Japanese noodle place called Hanazono. OMFG!!! It was the BOMB! I had easily the best udon dish this side of Japan. I asked them if they would relocate to Portland. They would do killer business if they did!

Finishing up the straight edge from yesterday.

Much work done on the winding sticks. Making them trapezoidal.

Lots & lots & lots of shavings!

Almost done the winding sticks.

Special Udon bowl from Hanazano. Tempura, egg, shitake, chicken, fish sauce and lots of luv. Also, the tastiest sake I've had as well. YUM!!!!!

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