Monday, June 21, 2010

HTH Day 5

The final day of HTH was another good day. We essentially spent the day finishing our planing stop. We used air dried alder for it, and I think it was a bit too wet to work. This turned out to be true, as when I got home it had a crack in it. I'll either have to use it as a paperweight or patch it.

All in all it was an awesome class for the week. It was a much better experience overall than the class I took 2 years ago at the NW woodworking studio. I read on a WW forum in the past few months that classes are a great way to increase your knowledge and something like this makes me concur. I think that I'll definitely try to see what they offer next summer and repeat the experience.

Using a Veritas rabbet plane to make a groove. This is a very nice tool and now it's on the wish list. Unfortunately it's not cheap, as expected.

The planing stop completed.

At the end of the day Jim went through the process of saw sharpening. It was a great overview and I took a picture of his jigs to remind myself later which one is which.

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