Sunday, August 2, 2009

All the Guys Love a Sale!

As an avid estate sale seeker, I was really excited to check out this woodworkers estate sale this weekend. Normally, estate sales are all about the fine china and collectible toys, and sometimes they'll mention "tons of tools in the basement", which piques my interest. Well, this one was 100% woodshop stuff. Naturally, I headed out as soon as it opened. I bought about $40 worth of old tools - I found an old Diston backsaw for $6, some Mikra 5" sanding paper for $5 a box, and a couple old chisels.

There was a cool looking bench for sale, but at $325 it was out of my price range. Also a nice planer - a 15" Jet for $900. Both too rich for my blood, but I placed paper bids offering a lesser amount in case they didn't sell. Well, I got the call later that I was eligible to purchase both, the bench for $200 and the planer for $500. What a deal!
I roped my very good friend Milos into heading over there today not quite knowing what to expect. There were a couple of guys waiting outside, which had me a little nervous thinking that I'd have to bid on it again or something, but they were all there for other items they had won. It took about 5 of us to get the planer on the pickup. We also fit the bench on there as well. And soon we piled more on - Milos picked up a very nice miter saw (hand powered) for $20, and a central shop vac for $100 (originally marked at $300). I'm glad that I didn't drag him out there for nothing...
Now, getting the 500 pound planer in the basement with just the 2 of us was going to be a different story. We had many, many doubts, but we were able to gently tip the planer off the truck, and then somehow get it downstairs on a dolly - by ourselves even though I wanted to go and hire someone to help. Milos saved the day!!! I definitely owe that guy pizza and beer. (That's all that's expected for guys to help each other move things, right???)
The new equipment is downstairs. Unfortunately, I need a new type of 220V electrical plug for the planer in order for it to work (although I tried it out at the place we bought it). Hopefully it will be given its first test run in the 'Flop next weekend.

First, the hand tools.

Next, my new bench

Finally, the new planer - what a beast!

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