Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time to Make the Drawers...

It's time to make the drawers for the hall table. I was a bit surprised that the drawers were going to be so small, but I guess I should've been able to tell that. The fronts (Yew) will be half blind dovetails hand cut, while the back (maple) will be through doves made with a jig. (The backs are maple as well.)

First, the raw stock cut to size. (Is that some free quilted figure on the left side? Niiiiceeee...)

Marking out the fronts and getting the jig ready to make the back joints...

The backs are done. Now it's time to layout the front, with the help of marking tools. I want to have skinny pins, but I remembered that my smallest chisel is 1/4". (Oh, when the hell am I going to get those LN chisels???)

Ready to cut..... this weekend.

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