Monday, August 31, 2009

Almost Done with the Hall Table

Well, the project is in the winding down phase, as in; the first coat of finish has gone on.

I didn't write about the drawer construction because it was kind of painful. All was well up until I had to cut the front half-blind dovetails... It was a lot more work than I had anticipated and I didn't feel quite up to the challenge. I didn't leave nearly enough space on the ends and several times the thin walled front piece broke off, only to be glued back on. It was very frustrating to say the least.... However, in the end they finally 'joined' up and the result could have been a lot worse (I suppose).

After that was the matter of fitting the drawers, as the opening on the left was not square. Eventually this meant literally cutting of part of the side with the bandsaw. So overall it was feeling like quite the hack job.

I had created a 'stop' on the back so that the drawers wouldn't fall out when they were pulled, but of course I didn't take into account the fact that when I created the drawer openings the stop was right in back. Ugh!!!! What more could go wrong with these things???

Finally, they somehow fit and the linseed oil went on... Now it's onto the shellac....

Drawers (pre finish)

First coat....

Drawers with finish...


  1. Mike the drawers certainly look good. I was wondering if the drawers were going to be built at the same angles as the table. That might have rocked.
    Also what are the nitches in the back of the drawers?

  2. Those slots at the back are for small pieces of wood that act as stops so that the drawer won't fall out when you pull it out, but they also prevent it from going in because there's no back... Works pretty well, but again I screwed up initially because I put them directly in back of the openings, so I had to 'move' them to the side.