Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Plane from a Planer

With the introduction of the new planer into the 'Flop, it didn't make much sense to keep the old Dewalt, plus the space was badly needed. So I listed it on Craigslist and it sold several days later - to a very nice guy I might add. Normally, the cash would have made it right to the bank. However, there was a little detour along the way. Wouldn't you know it, just 2 days later fate intervened and someone listed a Lie-Nielsen 4-1/2 bench plane, my object of lust for several months. And it was $75 off of list price. Now, considering that it's well known that Lie-Nielsen's often go for more than retail on eBay, this was just too much to pass up. I fired off an email and headed down to Wilsonville on Saturday to pick it up.

Much like purchasing the shoulder plane from them last December, there is absolutely no regret on purchasing a LN. It's just such a well made tool.... I already put a couple hours into trying to flatten my Stanley #4 and I'm nowhere near flat, and the LN is dead flat across a straight edge. Now all I need to do is sharpen the blade (which was pretty dull) and it will be a major tool in the toolbox.

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