Friday, July 24, 2009

Am I Ready To Iron Clothes?

I was able to get the hall table dry fit this week with the lower shelf in place. Lots of little things are out of place and need to be fixed and adjusted, but I was able to get the basic premise of what it would look like.

In person, I'm OK with it. In looking at a photo, not so much. I don't know what it is about the camera - it seems to add 20 pounds just like it does to actresses.

We had some friends over last night, and the one comment was "it looks like an ironing board", which is correct, it does! I didn't think that I was pouring a lot of time on a a piece that looks like something you buy at Target for 12 bucks. But apparently I have. Oh well - I'll continue on but I'm convinced that I need to cut down the long end to minimize the old ironing board effect. Originally I thought it would be nice to have some asymmetry going on, but maybe that isn't a good thing.
Is it a table......

....or an ironing board???


  1. Wow, I'm surprised you know what an ironing board is. Just add a cloth cover (you can pick one up at Target pre-fit for your table) and you are ready, set, go..... Enjoy!

  2. You realize this is a shot over the bow? You know what that means, of course?....
    BLOG WAR!!!

  3. Hey Mike, can you retrofit this so that it collapses when you want? My board is getting a bit worn.