Friday, July 24, 2009

New Lumber or Just Heartache?

The trees from the condo I still own were coming down (finally) this week. 2 Japanese cedars and one maple. The maple wasn't going to yield any usable lumber, mostly because it was in such an odd location. The cedars, however, would be prime candidates. Something this nice can't come easy though.
The trees are down and I enlisted the able bodies help from Pete to help take the lumber to the truck. This would have been in the realm of possibility, but the logs from the trees were located in a courtyard, and there are about 12 stairs down to navigate. (Hey, could have been worse, it could have been 'up' instead of down.)
To make a long story short, there were 2 very large logs (about 24" dia) that were too much for 2 mere mortals, even if they were incredibly buff and good lookin'.
Not one to swallow my pride, I can't just leave the big logs up there. So it's on to plan "B", which is to hire some help and use some mass manpower (there should be at least 4 of us there tomorrow morning). I'm not thrilled about Plan B, but I want those logs, and plus there's some other firewood that I have to get down to the curb. Ugh!!!
Japanese Cedar Trees

Logs in the Truck.... (the small ones)

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