Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Not so scary sharp

I needed to sharpen my chisels this past weekend and what was supposed to be a light touch up turned into a 2 hour ordeal because I had the bright idea to sharpen some of the 'vintage' chisels I've collected over the past year or so as well. The bevels had to be set on the grinder, and then the backs flattened as well. I don't think I'm good to go on the backs, but there's only so much flattening I can do in a day. I did try the first stage of the 'scary sharp' method, which is basically putting sandpaper on glass and using it for the sharpening surface. Worked pretty good, I have to say - better than the coarse DMT stone I picked up used, but then again it was a lot coarser.

By the end there was no hair left on the back of my hand that gets the 'is-this-sharp-enough-to-shave-with' treatment....

9 Chisels & 1 Plane Blade ready to cut

An old Stanley brought back to life....

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