Saturday, July 18, 2009

Broken Chisel

This past week while working downstairs I experienced a complete system failure..... OK, maybe a tad bit over dramatic, but one of my chisels broke in half. It sucked, because not only had I just sharpened this one, but this was the one that was ground and sharpened by a pro last summer (Gary Rogowski) at the NW WW Studio during my 2 week joinery class. Granted, I can regrind the bevel on it after a lot of work, but I didn't think this was supposed to happen. In the words of Franzie upon gazing at said object- "man, you shoudl be able to beat on chisels all day long and this shouldn't happen!"

I might take this to one of the WW blogs to see if this is a normal occurance. I'd hate to buy my Lie Nielsen chisels this xmas only to have this happen to one of them.

Pop goes the weesel...

This was odd, the metal was different colors. I'm no metalurgist, but this don't look right to me...


  1. I feel you bro! My chisels are always breakin' in half. But I regrind on the bevel ALL THE TIME so maybe I'm asking for it.

    Don't sweat it :)

  2. So Chuckdaddy - do you prefer a 30 degree or a 25 degree hollow grind on your bench chisels? I know there's a LOT of controversy out there on that, so granted it's a touchy discussion that you might not want to elaborate on.

    In related news, I feel like I have a real blog now that the Chuckdaddy has visited!!! It made me jump to a heightened sense of excitement thinking that the 'Express might make a comeback, but I don't want to get my hopes up too high.... Come on Chuckdaddy, just as a summer thing???