Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Scrooge Kluge!

The current bane of my existance is the rotted plinth block at the base of our porch column. It's just one of those things that I've been 'meaning' to get to for the longest time. Yesterday seemed as good a time as any, so I finally brought out the tool I purchased for the job - a funny named clamp called a "Scrooge" clamp that I bought from Lee Valley over a year ago.
Ugly Rotten Plinth

I proceeded to cut the support 2x4 to size and even hand cut it to the exact length out on the porch. As I started turning the clamp rod, I got the feel that it wasn't going to work. I was right. With only the smallest amount of pressure applied, the threads in the clamp started binding, the top 2x4 started buckling, and it was obvious that this was a bad idea. ErrrGGGG!!!!

The Scrooge in Action - or not as the case may be

What now? Master craftsman Franzie says I should use a bottle jack and that he can loan me one - I really hope that will do the trick. The battle with the rotten plinth still rages. I have lost the battle this time, but hopefully the war is not lost for good.
The battle rages - defeat inevitable for today though

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  1. Mike, I may be missing something, but I would use a 4X4 for the job, Use vertical 2x4's on base and ceiling to help spread the load. The 4x4 can be cut to exact length